Brexit online training course on how customs work to be rolled out for Irish businesses

Brexit online training course on how customs work to be rolled out for Irish businesses

A NEW ONLINE training course has been launched to get up to speed on how customs work as a no-deal Brexit threat looms.

The website offers courses for all businesses.

The free online customs course takes 45 minutes to complete and covers both importing and exporting procedures, as well as explaining what documentation is needed.

In the event of a hard Brexit, goods moving into and out of the UK would be under customs controls and would require customs documentations. For Irish companies selling into the UK, or importing from the UK, they may for the first time be required to deal with the various systems associated with customs.

The course aims to explain in simple terms the main customs rules and includes the key actions companies can take to prepare for customs after Brexit.

The Irish government has said it has stepped up it preparations for a hard Brexit, with contingency plans being published earlier this week.

More plans are due to be released in January.

Business Minister Heather Humphreys TD said “the government is focused on preparing SMEs for Brexit, building on the many measures we have already introduced, and responding to the evolving needs of business”.

“I am once again stepping up our response to Brexit with free online customs training for all businesses delivered by Enterprise Ireland. The UK is our largest trading partner with 12,000 businesses exporting to the UK and 60,000 businesses importing from the UK annually. Businesses must prepare themselves in the event of a hard Brexit as full customs procedures will come into place whereby the UK will be recognised as a ‘third country’,” she said.

Trade Minister Pat Breen TD said companies must prepare for all eventualities, adding that trade diversification is a vital strategy for any exporting firm seeking to minimise risks and to grow their business.

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