How to spend summer vacations productively


These can be fun, relaxing and super helpful later in life as well. And sometimes, you never know if you love and explore these fields enough, you might be able to make a lucrative career out of these:

Summer vacations have just begun and so do the endless process of getting lost in the million things students plan to do. Other than studying and finishing your homework, there are tonnes of productive ways you can spend your summer holidays on.

These can be fun, relaxing and super helpful later in life as well. And sometimes, you never know if you love and explore these fields enough, you might be able to make a lucrative career out of these:

1) Learn a new language:

There is no best or worst time to learn a new language. Learning a new language will help you in your job interviews, learning a new culture, travelling and sometimes at unexpected places. Being multi-lingual will also help you be more confident in life.

2) Redo your room and space:

Your room is your creative space. You will not be able to study/or perform better if your space is a mess. It also gets very bland and boring after a while, so why not utilise your free time in summer vacations and go crazy on some DIYs, DIYs are super fun to do with friends or even alone and you’ll end up saving so much money on home decor.

3) Take an online course:

Internet is full of online courses now, a skill, a professional training, paid, free, all kinds of courses are now available on the internet. Depending on your interest and requirement, summer vacations are a perfect excuse to learn a new skill that you always wanted to do in life. It is way better than wasting your time on social media and will add up to to your CV later.

4) Go planting

It goes without saying that Earth needs a lot of plants right now at the moment, and in our day to day life, no one really thinks about it or goes planting on a regular basis. So, how does a picnic with friends or cousins sound where you take some food, a bed sheet and tonnes of seeds to plant trees in parks? Try it sometime and you’ll never look back.

5) Volunteer:

Volunteering at an orphanage or old age home or even rescued animal shelters will make you more compassionate, considerate and self-aware about life. It will also make you more humble and teach you more in life than schools ever will. Earn credits as most of these NGOs also give certificates and work experience certificates.

6) Travel:

According to a two year long study, travelling as a student encourages your willingness to know, learn and explore, increases students’ confidence and independence, more collaborative and sensible behavior, provides time out of the classroom and learning in a hands-on environment, pushes them to adapt to new situations, encourages their classroom participation, increases their test scores, improves their self-esteem

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7) Exercise:

Students just got rid of the exams which makes their physical activity decrease exponentially because, hours of studying. Summer vacations are the best times to play some sports, exercise or just improve your stamina and physical strength.

8) Tutor students younger than you:

Tutoring other younger students will not only help you retain your own past study concepts but will also help you earn extra pocket money which you can use to buy anything on your list. Look for the younger children near you who are looking for a tutor and go on teaching your strong subject.

9) Improve your writing:

Reading and writing are skills that are better when engraved early in students. It helps in increasing their knowledge about the world, increase their vocabulary, language and make them overall smart.

10) Participate in contests: Offline and online

A lot of big celebrities paved their way through contests/reality shows as kids. If you’re passionate about something, look for any local contests or contests online and register. It can be a beauty pageant, a reality show or even a debate. There are a lot of competitions being held in local fairs, newspapers and organisations, it will also make you move out of your comfort zone, that is much needed.

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