Online training for AI and machine learning

Online training for AI and machine learning

Developers looking to learn more about artificial intelligence and machine learning have thousands of resources to choose from. Where should they start?

The team at Pure AI (a sibling site to GCN) asked machine learning and AI developers, checked in with researchers and other experts and scoured forums and message boards to come up with plenty of resources, including these online training courses  that can get developers headed in the right direction.

Google’s Machine Learning Crash Course — which focuses on using TensorFlow, the company’s open source machine learning framework — became an instant hit when it was released earlier in 2018. The roughly 15-hour free course consists of 25 lessons, 40 exercises, video lectures from Google researchers and other interactive elements Google’s AI page has even more free offerings.


Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning Coursera Course is considered by some as “the gold standard” of machine learning education. The course, taught by Stanford Assistant Professor Andrew Ng, consists of 11 weeks of free training. Users can pay $79 to earn the certificate or just walk away with the knowledge gained from the course.  (Bonus: Don’t miss Ng’s new book, Machine Learning Yearning.)

MIT Linear Algebra Class is key for developers who want to brush up on their linear algebra before they dive into certain aspects of machine learning. For those who need more than just a quick refresher (here’s an excellent one), this online course offers the entire curriculum online for free, from lectures to exams to study materials.

Microsoft’s Professional Program for Artificial Intelligence  consists of 10 individual courses (one of which is a final project), with titles like “Introduction to Python for Data Science,” “Build Machine Learning Models” and “Develop Applied AI Solutions.” Each course lasts a certain number of weeks and has a separate paid certificate option (view a sample one here). Students can take one course, a mix of courses or all of them to earn the overall program certificate.

MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Class features 23 50-minute videos in this course that introduces students to the basics of AI — including problem solving, expert systems and learning methods of artificial intelligence. Those who don’t want to take the entire class can cherry-pick their way through the video list and watch only the ones whose topics are of interest.

Be sure to check Pure AI for a more extensive list of resources including books and articles as well as free datasets and software toolkits.

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